Heat Pump Model : FA-03

Heat Pump Model : FA-03

Heat Pump Model : FA-03
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Heating and hot water
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Detailed Product Description

Name:Air source heat pump

Rated heating capacity:4.83kw - 95kw

Hot water supply:0.1 - 2.04 T/h

Max outlet water temp: 60C


Power: 220-240V/380-440V/50HZ/60Hz

Refrigerant: R410A / R407C/R417A

Compressor: Panasonic; sanyo; daikin; Copeland.

Air source heat exchanger: Finned heat exchange

Hot water side heat exchange: Efficient tube to tube heat exchanger


Remarks:the test conditions of above parameter:dry bulb temp is 20C.wet buld temp is 17C.inlet water temp is 15C.outlet water temp is 60C

01 .Installation diagrammatic drawing - only hot water



Export Markets: 

North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

1.ซื้อ            2      ชิ้น.         100,000           บาท
2.ซื้อ            5      ชิ้น.         95,300             บาท
3.ซื้อ         >10    ชิ้น.         85,800             บาท

Product Warranty 5 year

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