อินเวอเตอร์ 375kW.380V
฿910,500.00 ฿825,000.00
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Input Voltage (V)

Output Voltage(V)

Power Range (kW)

Three phase 380V  20%

Three phase 0~Input Voltage 


Overload capacity :120% 1 minute; 150% 1 second;180% transient protection


Main Features 


ZVF9V-G/P Series

 frequency inverter has good effect energy saving find speed adjustment , stable running .soft start, protection function and self diagnostics fault and other advantages.
1.Advanced vector control algorithm , combine with accurate speed calculation and self learning of the motor parameter. It can realize the accuracy control of motor speed and torque under no- speed sensor mode. V/F and SVC can be selected.
2.Optimized space voltage vector PWM modulation technique, over modulation, high Voltage- utilization, low output harmonic, and it greatly improves the stability of the motor and switching losses.
3.Good operation characteristic of low frequency running , can be realized 0.5HZ/150% torque output under no-speed sensor mode.
4.LED display and removable keypad . display frequency , current ,parameters ,error and ect . the user can operate easily.
5.Control terminals can be analog voltage output . current output and digital pulse output . Voltage , current ,pulse .COM and other multiple frequency setting mode . It can achieve the overlay function of different source . The frequency control mode is very flexible.
6.Abundant functions: automatic voltage regulation control, automatic slip Compensation, restart when power off ect. Can meet the demand of different clients.
7.Customization function design :program running, wobble frequency running, PID control operation , timing function ,counter functions ect. can be convenient to form and meet the different industrial application .
8.Built-in RS485 Port Compat with MODEBUS communication protocol, It can realize networked control.
9. Super strong protection function: Over voltage, over current , over load, under voltage, over heat , short circuit and so on , can offer more than 20 kinds fault protection function for clients. Application Range : ZVF9V-P Series frequency inverter is suitable for driving and speed control of blower fan, water pump electrical machinery. Built-in PID function, which is specially suitable for flow ,pressure ,air ,temperature and other slow physical change of process control . Application range: Blower fan . Water Pump and Music Spring and so on .


9V Diagram-01.jpg

Export Markets:
North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

1.ซื้อ        1      ชิ้น.       825,000           บาท
2.ซื้อ        5      ชิ้น.       805,00
0           บาท
3.ซื้อ        10    ชิ้น.       746,500           บาท

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