400V PhaseCap Premium capacitors " Epcos "
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400V PhaseCap Premium capacitors  " Epcos "

Series/Type : MKK400-D-5-01/MKK415-D-5-01/MKK525-D-8.3-01
Ordering code : B25667C5966A375
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The Phase Cap,  series has been the product hero in PFC since its introduction. Using a polypropylene film with zinc/aluminum alloy as dielectric (MKK technology), the

Phase Cap series provides excellent performance and a very high reliability. The unique winding technology offers high output ranges with small dimensions and low weight. Nowadays the Phase Cap Premium series is standard in a wide field of applications up to

800 V AC such as Automatic PFC equipment, capacitor banks Individual fixed PFC (e.g.

motors, transformers, lighting) Fast dynamic PFC Harmonic filters Types with voltages between

525 V AC and 800 V AC are the adequate products for industrial applications with distorted networks or heavy loads. The series B25667C is based on the same well-proven characteristics

of the predecessor series and additionally offers a broad variety of enhanced technical



Higher inrush current withstand capability

Enlarged number of switching operations

Longer mean life expectancy

Optimized safety terminal with high current capability

Enhanced discharge resistors remounted up to 660 VAC, external

discharge module for   690 V AC.




Export Markets: 

North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

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3.ซื้อ     30    ชิ้น.   3,400    THB.

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