NH Fuse-Links 400 V gG 100kA. Size 2
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NH Fuse-Links 400 V gG  100kA. Size 2

 AC400V  100kA.   / 160A. Size : 2

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 Product Feature 

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Reference  Type :

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Reference  Model :

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Applications : 

In energy distribution, there is an ever increasing trend toward higher energy density. The number of distribution components such as circuit breakers, fuse switches, fuse bases increases while the size of cabinets keeps become even more compact. However, any cabinet can only handle a limited amount of power but also represents a major cost factor. The main application in energy distribution grids is the 230/400-V range.

hanks to their signal cantily lower power dissipation, EFEN‘s 400-V fuse-links are optimally suited for the requirements of today and also save energy. The twin indicator ensures optimal visibility of the fuse status in all installations.

-           Energy-saving design with 400-V fuse element

-           Reduced power and heat dissipation

-           Twin indicator ensures visibility in all installations

   Size & Dimension :

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 Export Markets :

North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

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