12CH 16A High Power Energy Management Switch Actuator" HDL "
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12CH 16A High Power Energy Management Switch Actuator" HDL "

Basic Feature 

Product codeHDL-M-R12.16.1-CD

Current Detect : ( Trip Unit / CH )

HDL/KNX-EIB Bus relay series products are fully compliant with European safety standards and protocols for High-power switching KNX equipment, internal use of 50A High-current magnetic relay, zero power consumption and long life are some of the key features. 


HDL-M-R12.16.1-CD Data Sheet : Download

HDL KNX Main Product : Download

Working Voltage : 21~30VDC 
Communication : KNX/EIB 
DC current : <
Rated switch voltage : 250V AC/440VAC Supply 
Rated switch current : 16A lighting load, Max inrush 500A 
Output Current : 12CH/16A 
Dimensions : 
H90 x W216 x D 66mm.
Net weight : 557g.


The switch actuators can drive for 16 channels loads.
The maximum 10A on every output channel. Also, it has manual buttons.
The module functions: Statistical ON time, Status response, Status Recovery, Staircase light, Flashing, ON/OFF delay, Protection delay, Scene Control, Threshold Function, Curtain Control and so on.
Logic function: AND, OR, XOR, Gate
Heating function: PWM(1bit/1byte) control output

Install  :


Main Features 



The HDL High Power Switch Actuator is designed to switch on/off electrical devices, and this module is able to support diversified devices. With current detection and its built-in magnetic launching relay, this module is guaranteed to have a stable and efficient performance.  


  1. 35mm DIN Rail installation
  2. Zero power consumption
  3. Current detection
  4. Optional manual control
  5. Scene control
  6. Curtain control


Compatible with multiple load types


  1. Resistive loads
  2. Motors
  3. Tungsten lamps
  4. Standard ballasts
  5. Electronic ballasts

Export Markets:

North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

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