Soft Starter 400KW. 800A. 415-440V.
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250kw~500kW ZJR2 Series Soft Starter
ZJR2-Z-44000- 400KW-800A. / 415-440V.

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ZJR2 series soft starter can work with three-phase ,AC squirrel cage induction asynchronous motor ,The voltage is 320V~460V, 50HZ/60HZ and the current is 1200A and below .

ZJR2 series soft starter are in the process of motor starting and running a perfect protection function, adopted the closed loop control, greatly improving the stationarity of soft starting torque of the motor .


Main Feature

ZJR2 series soft starter can work with three-phase ,AC  squirrel  cage induction asynchronous motor ,The voltage is 320V~460V, 50HZ/60HZ and the current is 1200A and below . The soft starter is a device type .It’s necessary to add breakers (short-circuit protection ) and AC contactor (Bypass) inside the cabinet . together with switches are made up of electric motor control circuit .
ZJR2 device type can work without three-phase AC motor in the process of starting too big acceleration torque, and power supply system plays a protection from excessive current harvest dynamic impact role, has the following 

Model & Spec.


Keypad : 



1. 16 SCM control, intelligent all-digital display; 
2. can be put into practice a soft starter control multiple motors; 
3. Starting modes: Current limiting starter, Voltage ramp start , Kick start +current-limiting  start,  kick start +voltage ramp start  . Current ramp start . Voltage current-limiting double closed –loop start .
4. free stop  and soft stop , The stop time from  0 to 60 seconds can be arbitrary choosed . 
5. Over current , Overload , Open phase, instantaneous stop and other fault protection .
with the flow, over loading, lack phase, instantaneous stop, and other malfunction protection; 
6. Easy installation, simple operation, strong function and reasonable prices;


Scope of application: 

ZJR2 series soft starter motor applies to centrifuges, blower, compressor, transport planes, mixer, rolling ball mill broken machines and mechanical equipment motor starter.

Dimension : 


Export Markets: 

North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

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